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Katsiaryna Pratasenia Was born in the Republic of Belarus in 1987 ‘Art lessons’ at school was always her favorite subject. 


At the age of eight she became the winner of the Republicancontest of children's drawings. She graduated from art school, and then from University, with specialty in fashion designing, more specifically designer shoes. Art-drawing and painting, has always been a hobby and passion for Kate. That passion, more recently, was fueled after attending a session on art therapy in 2018 in Miami. Since then, painting has become a significant and creative part of her life.


“Drawing a picture, and painting, is a time of spiritual discovery, a time of communication with one’s inner world. Every stroke, every line, every color, is the transfer of energy, thoughts, emotions and mental state of mind.



The first participation of Katsiaryna in an exhibition was in October 2018 in Manhattan, New York.


Also, her paintings adorn the CIRC hotel in Miami.

She also participated in the group exhibition "Mora" in NJ, in February 2019.


For Art Expo 2019, a special collection was created by her, a mix of creative, acrylic, oil and techno colors.

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